At Sprouts Farmers Market, we take the health and wellness of our customers and team members seriously. Our goal is to help you and your family become more proactive against foodborne illness caused from factors within the kitchen.

By making a few simple changes, you can greatly reduce the risk of food poisoning in your home. Four Food Handling Behaviors for Food Safety at Home

The bacteria that causes food poisoning multiplies rapidly in what can be called the “Danger Zone” between 40°F and 140°F. It is best to keep your food at colder temperatures, which will slow the growth of harmful bacteria. Keeping Your Food at the Right Temperature

Raw meat, poultry, seafood and eggs can spread illness-causing bacteria to ready-to-eat foods if they are not kept separate. Learn more about how to avoid cross contamination.

Many of us rely on leftovers to get though our busy week! Learn more about how to safely handle your leftovers and keep your family safe.

One way to stay safe is to make sure you’re cooking your food to the right temperature. Find out what temperature the foods you eat should be cooked to.

Illness causing bacteria can survive in many places around your kitchen, such as your hands, utensils and cutting boards. Use an EPA-reg chlorine product rated for contact with food contact surfaces. Learn more about how to reduce the risk of bacteria spreading to your food by cleaning and sanitizing.

Bacteria is naturally present in our environment and reports indicate that it’s impossible to entirely eliminate all pathogens from our food chain. Learn the guidelines to follow if you suspect your food may carry a foodborne illness.